We were kinda wild and rowdy on Halloween

It’s Halloween time once again. It sure has changed since I was a boy, growing up in Rochelle. I never heard of Trick or Treat. It was all Trick and no Treats. Our idea was to mess up as many things that we could. We pushed over all of the outside toilets, pulled pickets off the fences, etc. Another big deal was to put a big tub of cow manure on the front porch of someone’s home, put paper over it, set it on fire, knock on the door and run. We hoped they would stomp the burning paper. We also would take a bar of soap and write on all the glass store windows, turn all of the town milk cows out of their pens, and grease the railroad tracks. One time we put two cows in the high school building, and it was a mess the next morning. We used a lot of toilet paper, wrapping all the trees in the yards as well as the houses. We would go to all the teachers’ homes and let the air out of their car tires. We’d also dress up an old dummy and stand him up on someone’s front porch, knock on the door and run. Some of the boys would throw paint on houses and cars. I never did anyting destructive. Some of it wasn’t funny. I knew what Daddy would do if I did. After a time, they started having Halloween carnivals at school. There were lots of folks and lots of good fun things to win and do. I suppose everything goes in cycles. Since they quit having the carnival at school, I guess I will try to find two old cows and put them in the school building on Halloween night.

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