Prayer is Needed

Dear Editor, We are taught in school that the majority rules. It doesn’t. The majority did not take prayer out of the schools. One woman decided she did not believe in God and did all she could to keep God from everyone else. The majority allowed that to happen. I recently read an article in your newspaper by Donald and Tracey Kiesling. Their article was so true. I would like to see our country start back on the right track. One way we could begin that journey is by putting prayer back in our schools. There might be some that do not want to pray or some that might not want to pray the way the majority prays and that is okay. But to start the day off with the Pledge to the flag and a prayer would be such a calming way to begin. It worked when we were going to school. Beginning our day with God is not only calming, but it puts hope, trust and security in our lives. The separation of church and state does not mean to keep God/church from our government or schools, but to keep the government out of the church. It is okay to pray in school, at football games, graduations, etc. according to our founding fathers. We need to let our legislators know how we feel. ROY SELLMAN Cherokee, Tex.

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