Texans for Better Medicare unveil new Internet site

After opening its doors in Texas just a short time ago, Texans for Better Medicare is now opening its doors on the World Wide Web. Located at www.better medicare.org/tx individuals can learn more about Medicare reform and contact the group without ever leaving their computer. “Convenience and access are the keys to ensuring people will take the initiative to learn more about and become active in the Medicare debate,’ said Dr. Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., a retired family physician from Conroe and former chairman of the Texas Department of Health, who serves on the Texans for Better Medicare steering committee. “In the era of online shopping’from groceries to cars’an organization doesn’t just open its doors to the general public they must also open them to the online community.” Texans for Better Medicare con-tinues to honor its pledge to promote a strengthened and improved Medicare system for all beneficiaries through reaching out to the online community and offering resources not otherwise easily accessible. Such resources include Medicare updates, health care news articles from around Texas and around the country, answers to frequently asked questions, ways to contact the group and get involved as well as ways to contact Congress and more. “We hope to reach out to as many individuals as possible. We understand that Medicare can be a very complex and confusing subject, but we hope to offer information in terms people can grasp,” Wilkerson said. “In addition we hope to see the number of supporters increase as the online community visits our cyber headquarters.” Currently Texans for Better Medicare is over 16,000 supporters strong ranging from senior citizens to business leaders and patients, all who have an interest in the nation’s health care plan for the elderly and disabled. Texans for Better Medicare believes that in order to deliver high quality health care to Medicare beneficiaries, an optional prescription drug benefit, which meets the needs of seniors and disabled Americans should be part of an overall reform plan. Such a plan should strengthen and improve the Medicare program to meet the needs of beneficiaries today and tomorrow, ensure special assistance for low-income seniors, protect the choices seniors have today from being displaced by a one-size-fits-all government-managed program, keep medical decisions between doctors and their patients and guarantee reform that does not threaten research for tomorrow’s cures. The group is a state affiliate of Citizens for Better Medicare, a broad-based, bipartisan group representing the interests of patients, seniors, disabled, pharmaceutical research companies, doctors, care-givers, employers, health care experts and many others concerned with the health of Americans in our Medicare system.

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