In the first grade we had a rhythm band

Rochelle school has always had some type of music. When I was in the first grade, my teacher, Miss Chandler, had us a rhythm band. I was not very good so I played the two sticks. The more talented ones played a tambourine, bells, drums, etc. Later on in elementary school some of the boys could play the guitar. They were Milton Whitehead and Carl Scoggins. Some of them played a French harp or juice harp or hum with a piece of paper over a comb. The high school had a choral club, but only for girls. Of course back then boys were called a sissy if you sung or wore glasses. Then in the mid-eighties a band was started, and it still is ongoing. In the choral club of 1940-41 the girls were, top row, from left, Leona Milburn, Cleta Wallace, Lola Rodgers, Betty Ruth Knight. Bottom row, teacher/instructor Mary Mc-Murtrey, Skeezix Wingo, Nicola Adams, June Cawyer, unknown, and Ina Hope Caffey.

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