Time to move forward is now

An Editorial by James Stewart During Tuesday’s annual meeting, the Brady Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) was handed what is arguably the most comprehensive first step in a plan that could get Brady and McCulloch County back on track. Since I moved to Brady four years ago, there has always been discussion about long-range goals and plans of how to get from point A to point B. Until Tuesday night, I had never seen written proof of any such plan. Submitted to the BEDC was a 13-page document that includes everything from broad goals of the BEDC to specific ideas and which agencies should be involved to arrive at the predetermined goal. The document is a rough draft that has taken information provided by the Chamber of Commerce, the city manager and a number of other key individuals throughout the county. What we, the citizens of McCulloch County have now, is a mission. That mission is to take this plan, absorb it, study it and make a concerted effort to mold it into a living document that can serve as a ruler by which both economic and community development can be measured. People have spent the years since I have been in Brady arguing and bickering about having clearly defined goals and avoiding the “shot in the dark” actions. The obvious solution would be to develop a master plan and follow it. McCulloch County and specifically the City of Brady have a reputation in city business and politics that is less than desirable. Sure, we hear about the small-town friendliness and such, but we still have the we-versus-they mentality in politics. This overall plan could be the first step in eliminating the negative connotations that piggyback on the name of Brady. The actual plan and the specifics contained therein may or may not be what ultimately will best fit the citizens and businesses of the area. We, as citizens, have a duty to take the information provided and voice our opinions, whether for or against, and then work together to come up with a solution. If you don’t know what plan I am referring to, or are wondering where this plan is or where it came from, show up to the city council meeting next Wednesday and ask. Each member of the council will have with them in his or her possession, a copy of this plan. I have a copy and I suggest everyone else who cares about the future of Brady get one too. Bother the councilmen, the mayor, the city manager, the county commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce and anyone around about pursuing the development of a master plan. Bring it up every time there is a public meeting. As a community, let’s take this bull by the horns instead of putting it out to pasture. I challenge every citizen in the county to put their differences aside and meet in the middle to fix the problems that exist. If we continue working as separate entities and factions with no communication and no common goal, we will only continue to fragment our community and create ill will. There is no longer room in this community for such problems. I promise to do my part to break the communication barrier and jump on the bandwagon to build a better community. That wagon may be empty, but I am first in line.’JS

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