BISD in process of updating emergency management plan

With recent bomb threats lodged against the Brady Independent School District, the Board of Trustees took a long look Monday night at the school system’s current emergency management plans and discussed ways to better enhance them. The board not only discussed how to handle a possible bomb situation but also what to do in the event of a fire or tornado. “We are in the process of updating our crisis management plans,” explained Brady ISD Supt. Max Gordon. “We will be working with an individual from the Education Service Center of San Angelo and coordinating those plans with local law enforcement and other emergency response services (fire department, EMS, etc.).” In Gordon’s superintendent’s report, he added a positive note that enrollment increased to 1,337 students as of Oct. 10’an increase of 10 students since the second week of school. Moving on to the action items, the school board approved the annual independent audit for BISD. According to Gordon, there were no major citings of any cost to the district. Additions to the teachers substitute list were also approved Monday night. Marjorie Barnhill, Granida Johnson, Mickie Murray, Lori Vineyard and Charles West will begin filling in as substitutes at all BISD campuses. In other business, McCulloch County Extension Agents, Jane Holubec and Jerry Kidd, were approved as adjunct faculty members. “This will allow them to work with our students involved in 4-H activities that are considered co-curricular,” explained Gordon. The quarterly investment report was approved and according to Gordon, the district has approximately $1,450,000 in CDs. The school board also renewed a partnership with the Texas Rural Systemic Initiative (TRSI) in order to help improve the math and science curriculum in Brady ISD. “This will allow for training of our teachers and will assisting students in those two curriculum areas,” said Gordon. In executive session, the school board didn’t take any action on changes to the student code of conduct. The board merely reviewed the code which deals with various parts of student discipline.

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