Dear Editor:

Dear Editor; On page 5A of the Oct. 10 Abilene Reporter News’ the article on “U.N. workers first confirmed casualties of U.S. led strikes,” stated that four civilians were killed by our bomb or missile. The article also stated that the civilians were under contract with the United Nations to clear land mines in Afghanistan. It said further, that the U.N. officials were upset by the death of their workers and called upon the “international community” to take precaution to insure that civilians are not targeted in our attacks on the Taliban terrorist network. Where does the U.N. get off’ Why are people who are clearing land mines in a war zone called civilians’ Why should we worry about four so-called civilians that were killed as a result of our retaliation when the terrorists killed thousands of our innocent civilians’ Our leaders should “Get US out of the United Nations.” JIM HICKS Clyde, Tex.

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