City utility will pick up limbs, branches Oct. 18

Due to heavy winds that blew through Brady last Friday night, the City of Brady has announced that a utility crew will be picking up fallen branches on Thursday, Oct. 18. Because the recent storm damaged numerous trees in the Brady area, the service is being offered free of charge to local citizens. City manager Merle Taylor informed the Brady Standard-Herald that crews were hard at work Monday morning picking up both small branches and larger tree limbs around town that fell either on power lines or streets. Taylor encourages local residents with recently fallen tree limbs to contact the city warehouse at 597-2244 for assistance. The branches should be stacked in a designated area near or around trash can pick-up areas. Branches will not be picked up unless the city warehouse has been previously notified. Taylor stressed that the service is being offered for branches that fell as a result of recent weather conditions, not for those that have been piled up for a considerable length of time. “We offer a brush chipping service at the end of each month for residents who need to dispose of unwanted branches or brush,” said Taylor. “The service is offered the last two or three days of every month and there is a minimum charge for the service. “People interested in utilizing the service can call the warehouse to have their name put on the list.”

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