Casa Care in full swing with 24 students

Casa Care’s Afterschool Program is in full swing with 24 lively boys and girls and they are a joy to everyone. The children have been busy getting a box together for the firefighters and volunteers in New York City. The collection includes chap stick, gum, innersoles, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and blankets. They were given suggestions and told to use their imagination. They did a great job, and it is a way for them to get involved in helping someone else. The first graders are enjoying the Hooked on Phonics program. Sonya Gonzales works with them by giving them lots of one-on-one attention. Rosa Sandoval, the volunteers and I work with the rest of the children. At school, the students are enjoying computer and math classes and they are making fall wreaths. One fourth grade class is doing a project on the “Fourth Grade Nothing” Super Fudge. Bianca Rawlings brought an antique seed spreader for show-and-tell at school and at Casa Care which was very interesting! We are glad there have been advances in the farming world. This program would not be a success without all of the people who volunteer and bring our children on the BISD bus line. A big “thank you” to Alton Bradshaw and Mike Gonzales. These two men are essential to our transportation. It’s not an easy task! Volunteers from the Brady High School’s Future Teachers of America Club are Leah Vickers, Allison Johnson, Jacque Skaggs, Erica Paniagua, Michelle Devenport, Brittney Parks, Michelle Hall, Crystal Harmon, Vanessa Fuentes and Wendee Carlson. The adult volunteers are Lee Broad, Maurine Moore, Marjorie Barnhill, Lola Stephenson, Edna Mueller, Colleen Merwarth and Sheryl Whitworth. Officer Mike Hall and trustees take extras special care of the yard. We cannot thank all of you enough. We were blessed with the donation of books from Verona Garner and the library of Brady Elementary. Higginbothams donated a metal shelf for them. A big thank you to Trudi and Tim Owens for helping with the book shelves. We are still in need of bookshelves, a TV and VCR for rainy days. Thank you for all the donations. These are acts of love for the children in our community.

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