BISD schools cleared by bomb-sniffing dogs

The Brady Independent School District received an ‘all clear’ inspection by a bomb detection team Saturday when two dog and handler teams from Hill Country Dog Center searched every school building in the BISD system. Having put in a request to have specialized bomb sniffing dogs brought following two bomb threats made to the local schools, the teams arrived early Saturday and proceeded with a search that lasted approximately four hours. According to BISD Supt. Max Gordon, the dogs cleared each individual building on all campuses in an effort to put Brady citizens at rest. ‘As we had hoped, the dogs did not find anything at any of the campuses,’ said Gordon. ‘This search costs the school district a substantial amount of money, but it needed to be done. This company also looks to be a good contact in the event something ever comes up again.’ As of Tuesday morning, one juvenile was in custody in the Kerr County Detention Center in Kerrville being charged with one of the two threats that were called into the BISD system. Official police investigations are ongoing to determine the culprit of the first bomb threat that occurred on Oct. 1.

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