71st birthday stir many first memories

I just celebrated my 71st birthday. Someone asked me if I remembered my birthday with a cake the first time. Yes, I do. I was five and mother made me a cake with a lot of color in it: red, blue and yellow. I got a Shetland pony, and after trying to ride him a few times he ran under the clothes line and knocked me off. Daddy then sold the pony for $2 in 1935. I learned to ride a bicycle when I was six and it was a girl’s bicycle that belonged to Eva Nell Roper. I got my first bicycle at age eight from Montgomery Ward. It had a light and a horn on it. My first BB gun was at age 10. It was a Daisy. I got my first car in 1943’a Model T and a 1929 Chevrolet’all in the same year. Got my drivers license at age 15. The first cafe I remember eating in was the Davis House, a serve yourself family-style meal on South Blackburn for 25 cents. My first spanking at school in second grade was given to me by Miss McDaniels. My last whipping at school was from Mr. Bryan in the 12th grade. My first check for working was for nine dollars from Howard Price for hoeing weeds, and my last school check was in June of 1993. It’s strange how I have wished a lot of my life away. When I was 10 I wished to be a teenager and when I was a teenager I wished to be 21 so I could vote and buy beer. When I was in my 20s I wished to be 65 so I could retire and at 71 I wished to be a teenager again. Not really. It’s all been fun though, and I’ve had a good ride.

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