Lohn’s district opener a sad sight for Eagle fans

Visited by a head-strong and determined Novice team, the Lohn Eagles didn’t stand a chance Friday night as they hosted the mighty Hornets during their homecoming football game. The Eagles suffered a 75-30 massacre on their own home turf. An undefeated team thus far, the Hornets didn’t appear as dominate in the first quarter. Lohn led the game early on, 10-8; however, their lead was put to a halt and Novice never looked back as they took control of the game. In the first quarter, it was a 10-yard pass from Riley McFarland to Garrett Bloomer that kept Eagle fans hopeful for another win. The first Lohn PAT of the game was good for two points, bringing the score to a tie, 8-8. A safety that came on a kick-off return by Joey Blake earned the Eagles their additional two points in the first quarter. In the blink of an eye the tables turned on Lohn. Down 49-10, the game didn’t look very promising for the Eagles going into the second half. The Hornets got out early in the second quarter while Lohn could only stand by in awe. With Novice tacking on 41 points in the second quarter, the Eagles were blown away with most of their opponents’ points stemming from Eagle fumbles or interceptions. Only one TD stood in the way of a halftime upset at Lohn and the Eagles came back in the third quarter desperate to redeem themselves. They piled 14 points in the third quarter on a fumble return by McFarland, a one-yard run by Richard Bivens and a PAT. Lohn put one more TD on the board before the buzzer sounded in the fourth quarter with a five-yard pass from McFarland to Garrett Bloomer. The Eagles drop to a 3-2 season record with their first district loss handed down Friday night by Novice. The Eagles host the Cherokee Indians this Friday night with kick-off set for 7:30 p.m.

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