Constable seat to remain vacant; Waldrip bridge closed

Operating without a County Constable, the McCulloch County Commissioners met Monday morning and voted unanimously not to fill the position recently vacated by Bill Shepherd. Stating that the position is not a required office, the commissioners chose to leave the office open and not appoint someone to fill the unexpired term. Unless filled at a later date, the position will remain open until the next general election. Interested parties may file for the constable position in December to run in the primary election in March 2002 and in the general election in November 2002. Should the office remain vacant for seven years, the Commissioners can put it to a public vote to abolish the office. In other business, the Commissioners approved the transfer of funds from the general fund to precinct funds. With only one bid submitted, the Commissioners approved the replacement of a telephone system in the law enforcement building. One to two more estimates are expected in the near future to ensure that the county utilizes the most cost-effective method of replacement. In the final item on the agenda, Commissioners Jerry Tedder and Nelson Solsbery informed other McCulloch County Commissioners of their recent attendance at a Coleman County Commissioners meeting. Joining the meeting held Sept. 28 in Coleman, local Commissioners sat in as Coleman County joined McCulloch in its efforts to close Waldrip Bridge. The bridge was officially sealed off from all through traffic Tuesday (today) and will remain so until each county receives confirmation from the state on the amount of money required to refurbish or rebuild the bridge.

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