Annual 4-H banquet honors youth

Keeping up with their homework is tough enough. To the hundreds of kids in 4-H programs throughout McCulloch County, they also keep up with animals, record books and a host of other things that keep them more than busy. At the annual 4-H Awards Banquet held Monday night at the Brady Middle School Auditorium, these students were publicly recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. 4-Hers who qualified were given year pins for their corresponding years of club involvement. Special awards of accomplishment and achievement gave the students a chance to receive some rewards for their efforts. Of the awards given out during the banquet, the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Star recipients were named. To receive one of the awards, club members must possess and display a number of abilities including leadership, determination and dedication. The stars are divided up by age group and recipients must meet certain criteria to be elegible. Wayne Cox was presented the Bronze Star. This star is for 9-11 year-olds. The Silver Star went to Katie Kidd in the 12-14 year-old group and the Gold star, for ages 15 and over was awarded to TK Morris and Cody Holubec. “Over the past year, these students have each demonstrated their ability to be leaders both in their club and in the community,” said County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd. “Each one of them deserves the recognition and prestige the award brings.” Other awards presented throughout the evening recognized 4-Hers for projects, participation and achievement. The year pins were awarded to all 4-H members enrolled that participated in a county 4-H achievement event such as the food show, fashion show or livestock show. Those students and their respective year pins included: First Year Jessica Avant, Victoria Barkdale, Traci Bennevendo, Thomas Castro, Jake Cortez, David Cox, Kasey Cox. Wayne Cox, Patrick Friar, Jesse Gruenewald, Courtney Humphreys, Kristen Jacoby, Reece Jacoby, Joseph Lawrence, Will Long, Katy Matschek, Casey Patterson, Randi Patterson, Jessica Patterson, Callie Petty, Chelsea Petty, Kaci Rainwater, Jeremy Ramon, Austin Reed, Marshall Salter, Clayton Sammons, Lacey Sawyer, Ty Shackelford, Alisha Slone, Johnathan Spencer, Heather Tinney, John Underwood and Shaw Wagner. Second Year Alexis Adams, Wesley Avant, Daryl Booth, Damon Boyd, Chelsea Brown, Christina DeFiore, Erett Edmiston, Jeffery Friar, Carter Humphreys, Zach Jones, Bodie Landes, Nolan Landes, Alexander Leatherwood, Jameson Leatherwood, Robert Leatherwood, Stanley Lewis, Jake Long, Taylor Owens, Billy Rainwater, Beth Ross, Trevor Stuart and Cassidy Wienecke. Third Year Zeb Abbott, Bryan Allgood, Hanna Artinger, Jerimy Allgood, Dylan Jacoby, Trista Jeffrey, Kayla Land, Tanner Matschek, Brittany Parks, Erin Rainey, Trevor Rainey, Luke Sammons, Patrick Sammons, Brandon Sammons and Rex Stidham. Fourth Year: Jaclyn Crawford, Chandra Dean, Jace Fincher, Lance Helberg, Michael Land, Keely Probst, Bonnie Richardson, James Ross, Roz Roueche, Sterling Sammons, Myranda Salter, Diane Shuffler, Tanner Stuart, Meagan Taylor. Fifth Year Josh Behrens, Ashleigh Cook, Michael Cook, Destiny Galindo, Monica Griffith, Holden Jacoby, Heather McCartney, Erica Roueche, Casey Shakelford, Wade Skaggs, Hunter Stuart and Keri Teague. Sixth Year Lindsay Brown, Justin Friar, Molly Gage, Carrie Lundgren, Erica Paniagua, Abby Probst, Jacque Skaggs, Erica Reeves, Lee Richardson and Becca Willmann. Seventh Year Jay Behrens, Wendee Carlson, Matthew Dean, Amber Gosstt, Adam Jacoby, Daniel McAnally, Amanda Pellizzari, Bo Stuart and Glenn Van Dyke. Eighth Year Katy Kidd and Sarah Smith Ninth Year John David Willman Tenth Year TK Morris Eleventh Year Jenna Behrens, Cody Holubec, Meagan Schaffner, Houston Smith, Robert Tetens and Leslie Ranne. Twelth Year Chad Holubec and Casey Kidd. Achievement pins were also given to 4-H members that represented McCulloch in a 4-H Roundup event or at a district, state or national achievement event. Following are the names and projects for which participants were recognized: Consumer Decision: Wendee Carlson, Jay Behrens, Glenn VanDyke, Erica Reeves, Jake Cortez, Lacey Sawyer and Jameson Leatherwood; Demonstrations: Erica Paniagua, Meagan Schaffner and Thomas Castro; District/State Camps: Dist. Leadership Lab: Jenna Behrens, Cody Holubec, Erica Paniagua, Amanda Pellizzari, Leslie Ranne, Meagan Schaffner, Wendee Carlson, Jay Behrens and Matthew Dean; Beef Leadership tour: Cody Holubec; Buckskin Brigade: Casey Kidd; Farm Bureau Leadership Camp: Thomas Castro and Leslie Ranne; Lamb Camp: Adam, Holden, Reece and Dylan Jacoby, Zach Jones; Farm Safety Camp: Jay Behrens, Josh Behrens and Matthew Dean. Fashion Show: Jenna Behrens, Erica Paniagua, Lindsay Brown, Ashleigh Cook, Chandra Dean, Carter Humphreys, Lacey Sawyer, Wendee Carlson, Leslie Ranne and Meagan Schaffner. Food Show: Jay Behrens, Jenna Behrens, Josh Behrens, Carter Humphreys, Katie Kidd, TK Morris, Erica Paniagua, Leslie Ranne, Becca Willmann and Lacey Sawyer. Horse Judging: Lindsay Brown, Lance Helberg, Katie Kidd, Daniel McAnally and Leslie Ranne. Horse Show: Molly Gage and TK Morris. Livestock Judging: Jay Behrens, Lindsay Brown, Matthew Dean, Cody Holubec, Katie Kidd, Casey Kidd, Leslie Ranne, Justin Friar, Zach Jones, Carter Humphreys and Glenn Van Dyke. State Project Show Rabbits: Wendee Carlson and Lee Richardson. Shooting Sports: Skeet and Trap: Zeb Abbott, Casey Kidd, Katie Kidd, Michael Land, Taylor Owens, James Ross, Brandon, Luke, Patrick, Sterling and Clayton Sammons, Wade Skaggs, Jake Long and Jeremy Ramon. Rifle: Robert Tetens, Cody Holubec, Nolan Landes, Bodie Landes, Molly Gage, TK Morris, Matthew Dean and Jay Behrens. Share the fun: Ashleigh Cook, Leslie Ranne and Diane Shuffler. Photography: Wendee Carlson and Erica Paniagua. As part of their annual projects, 4-H members must complete a 4-H Record Book in order to be eligible for an award program pin. By doing this they are also eligible for special county awards given for superior projects, leadership and community involvement. Those who received program pins include: Cody Holubec, range management; Jenna Behrens, foods and nutrition; Casey Kidd, shooting sports; Wendee Carlson, rabbit; Robert Tetens, goat; John Willmann, computer technology; Becca Willmann, food and nutrition; Meagan Schaffner, swine; Amanda Pellizzari, rabbit; Leslie Ranne, dog care; Katie Kidd, beef; TK Morris, horse and Wayne Cox, horticulture. Three individuals were also recognized for state awards presented to them for their work as well. Robert Tetens received and award from the Texas Sheep an Goat Raisers Association, TK Morris received an award and $200 certificate from the Texas Quarter Horse Association for placing first in District and Meagan Schaffner received a state swine award. Several non 4-H members of the audience were also recognized for their support of the local program. Three local banking institutions, Commercial National Bank, Brady National Bank and First American Bank were each named as Friends of 4-H for their continual support throughout the year. The adult leadership awards were presented to Joe Behrens and Betty Schaffner for their support and example they set for the local club. Rounding up the awards presented, Wendee Carlson and John David Willmann were each named as recipients of this year’s Farm Bureau Leadership award. The “I dare you” award, one that recognizes youth with the potential for effective future leadership was presented to Amanda Pellizzari and Robert Tetens. Dr. Gene Nelson, head of the 4-H rifle club also named Bodie Landes, Molly Gage and Robert Tetens as the top three shooters in the 4-H rifle club.

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