Engineer gives Council update on water plant

Derek Turner, an engineer with Jacob & Martin, Inc., of Abilene, the City of Brady’s engineering group for the planning and construction of its water treatment plant, presented information on the project at a special meeting of the City Council Tuesday morning. In his update of the entire program he went over the project from the closing of the property to the construction phase. Turner was due to meet with the property owner that afternoon with hopes of reaching an agreement on the land at Brady Lake for the construction of the plant. He will report back to the Council when the terms have be consummated. According to the graph that he presented the Council, Turner expects to have the closing on the property by Oct. 31. The next phase is the survey of the property which has been ongoing since last November, is expected to be finished by Oct. 31. The engineering report, which began last December, should be completed by Nov. 31 while the environmental packet will be concluded by Oct. 31. After the packet is submitted, it will be reviewed by the environmental agency and should be completed by March 31, 2002. Turner reported that the land acquisition and easements are hoped to be finished by the end of this year. He reported that the next step is the pilot study, and he has been working with City Manager Merle Taylor and Rufus Beam, the City’s utilities supervisor. Turner said the City will soon be hiring a plant operator, “and he needs to run the pilot study which will start around April 1, 2002,” he said. The study will run through Aug. 31, 2002, the engineer said. The next phase of the water treatment plant is the plans and specifications and that will begin on April 1, 2002 and be concluded on Aug. 31. The bidding phase is scheduled to begin on Sept. 1, 2002 and concluded on Oct. 31. The construction phase is set to begin on Nov. 1, 2002, and is expected to be complete by Nov. 1, 2003. In an unrelated item, Turner opened letters of bidding on a water and sewer project for downtown Brady. Beam said the plan includes the streets of Main, Commerce, Elm, Mesquite and Willow with water lines tying back to Water Well #3. Bidders were Bay Maintenance Co. of $269,130; Joe Moore Pipeline Construction of $146,270 and Texas Water and Soil of $174,249.40. Taylor said that Jacob & Martin engineers would make recommendations on the project and meet with the City Council in two weeks.

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