Council agenda short and sweet

With more members sitting behind the table than in front, the Brady City Council met Wednesday morning to act on one of the smallest agendas on the table this year. Having only two ordinances and one action item on the agenda, it was the rather lengthy executive session that took up the bulk of the meeting. As an action item, the Council approved three new members to the local Housing Authority Commission. The three current board members have terms that have expired. Those three members have not elected to serve additional terms, therefore, the Council took official action to name Julie Ledezma, Sherry Cox and Grant Evridge as their successors. The two ordinances on the agenda were approved on their third and final readings. Of the two, they approved the ordinance amending the fiscal 2000-2001 fiscal year budget. The other ordinance approved Wednesday was required to amend the Brady City Code by the adoption of the latest edition of building, mechanical, electrical, fire prevention, residential, plumbing and gas code; adding an energy conservation code and repealing all ordinances in conflict with this ordinance. The Council adjourned into executive session to meet individually for staff review with City Manager Merle Taylor and City Secretary Christi McAnally. Following the executive session, Taylor discussed several projects currently in the works in Brady. He stated that the in-code conversion for office equipment will take place Monday, Oct. 8. The in-code system was approved recently by the City Council. Taylor added that Texas Aero-Color, a local airplane painting business operating in Brady for the past two years, will have its grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 13 at Curtis Field Airport. The grand opening is being hosted by the Brady Economic Development Corporation which aided the company in the construction of Hangar C.

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