Venison available for those in need

Helping Hands, in cooperation with area ranchers, have made arrangements with Steve’s Meat Market and Roy Sanchez at B’s Deer Processing to accept field dressed deer for individuals or families wanting venison during the 2001 deer season. The processing of the venison will be the sole responsibility of the recipient. Helping Hands Director Dorothy Lafuente encourages anyone that is interested in a field dressed deer to call so their name may be added to the list of those individuals that want venison. “This service helps reinforce the purpose of Helping Hands,” stated Mrs. Lafuente. “It continues to be our mission to help individuals in Brady and McCulloch County by assisting with food for consumption.” The new program will be in addition to the well-established program that furnishes processed meat to more than 60 families and everyone should be aware that the field dressed deer program is an entirely different concept. “We are proud to work with local ranchers that are practicing game management on their property,” said Mrs. Lafuente. “It was brought to our attention that many hunters are not interested in keeping the venison for consumption and this service will definitely help people in our community that like deer meat.” Anyone wanting more information or wanting to receive a field dressed deer are asked to call Mrs. Lafuente at (915) 597-2646. Any rancher that has questions can also contact Helping Hands.

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