The Mane Lion

First and foremost, thanks to Lion Secretary Louise Long for bringing the minutes of last Thursday’s meeting to me. I had to be out of town that day, as I will be this Thursday, but she’s keeping me informed so I can tell all of you what the Brady Lions Club is doing. There were three guests and one ‘sort-of’ guest in attendance last week. Lions Lynn and Delma Colville brought Bob and Bobbie Williams (prospective members, I presume.) Lion Lee Coffman brought his wife Suzanne, and Lion Donald Barley brought his wife Sandra. You must understand that Sandra comes to more meetings and participates in more Lions Club activities than some of our paid members. We would gladly include her, if only Donald would pay her dues. (Hint ‘ Hint!) In response to a request from Lions Clubs International Foundation and Lions Past International President Dr. Jean Behar, the local group is sending a donation to a World Trade Center Victims Fund sponsored by the Lions Clubs Manhattan District. Poor Lion Zac Gray. He has joined the infamous group of our members who can’t remember when he is supposed to bring a program for the meeting. I will tell everyone right now that I’m on the program schedule for October 18th, and if I forget, I’ll have to tell on myself. This Thursday our program guest will be our District 2-A1 Governor Sabino Garcia of San Angelo. Let’s have a really good turnout of Lions and guests. The membership drive teams have been set, so we’re going out to round up new recruits over the next two months. If you think you might like to be an integral part of ‘We Serve,’ contact any Brady Lion. We look forward to having you join us.

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