School numbers have declined in McCulloch

There were many communities in McCulloch County that were very active with a store or two, and many schools, back in the 1900s to 1920s. They have slowly declined to only three shcools in the county today. Many schools consolidated with Rochelle. The last one, Mercury, was in the early 1950s. Others that consolidated with Rochelle were Fairview, Claxton, East Sweden, Corn Creek, Round Mountain, Cowboy, Milburn, Placid and Midway. When I think of some of the communities, I usually connect a name with the community. Like Appleton, I think of Camp San Saba. Mercury, I think of the Penns or Beakleys or Cawyers. East Sweden, I think of the Hurds, Engdahls or Johansons. Placid, I think of the Vicks or Jordans, or Gaults, and Calf Creek, I think of the Bradshaws. I have a few old school registers, and in the Calf Creek school of 1932 and 1933, I see some old names that I knew. Mrs. I.V. Pearson was the first, second and third grade teacher during that period. That school year began on Oct. 24, 1932 and closed on May 12, 1933. They paid her $90 per month or $630 for the year. Those listed in her class were: First Grade’J.W. Smith, James Bingham, Vernon Short, Frankie Walker, Lenona Ivy, Alma Lee Swaney. Second Grade’Billie Jean Town-send, Ance McCoy, Evelyn Perry, Virginia Lee Dodd, Lavada Perry, Ruby Short, Willie Nell Ewing, Robert Bingham, William Henry Awalt, Lonnie Smith, Willie Ray Jones. Third Grade’Wilma Alexander, Lorine Short, Lula Mae Dodd, Irene Ewing, Alton Bradshaw, Rayford Barnett, Howard Short, Elgen Ivy, Johnny Franklin Ewing, Roy Sallee, Van Swaney, Leland Swaney and Jessie McCoy. I first thought when I looked at the report of grades they all made a lot of A’s, but the A’s meant they were absent. Roy Sallee and I were good friends when he was superintendent of schools at Ira for many years.

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