Fall weather patterns begin in McCulloch

Oldtimers say it generally rains around equinox, and it did this year when autumn was ushered in Saturday at 6:07 p.m. As a cold front moved into the Heart of Texas earlier Saturday morning, high winds, bolts of lightning and roaring thunder were also in order. After a dreadfully dry time from April through most of August, the rainfall has greened up pastures and lawns in the past four weeks. The brief storm hit in Brady around 9 a.m. Saturday and was gone an hour or so later. An official 1.47 inches was recorded in Brady, according to U.S. Weather Observer Jean F. Williams. It brings the total rainfall for the year to 21.65 inches. Bert Striegler at East Sweden registered 2.05 inches in three different showers over the weekend. Nina Stewart said she gauged 1.50 inches at her place in Mercury. Other totals around the country were: ‘Rochelle, 0.80. ‘Brady Lake, 0.75. ‘Calf Creek, 0.50. ‘Voca, trace. ‘Hext, 1.50

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