Exhibit speaks to youth about teen pregnancy

With McCulloch County having one of the highest teen pregnancy ratios in the state, a poignant and informative display entitled Children of Children has been set up at the old South Ward campus to help shed light on the issue of teenage pregnancy. Sponsored by Methodist Healthcare Ministries, the exhibit consists of a photo and audio exhibit of people whose lives have been crucially affected by teenage pregnancy. Silent photographs accompanied by an audio CD recorded by the person in the picture address many complex issues ranging from family, culture, religion money, guilt and other elements that affected the subjects’ decision-making process and the outcome of their pregnancies. “This exhibit invites us to share the experiences of 50 individuals who were touched when a teenager in their lives became pregnant,” said exhibit creator Michael Nye. “The project’s intention is not to condemn, condone or romanticize teenage pregnancy in any way, it merely explores the context of young pregnancy and parenting in society.” The exhibit is being presented at South Ward through Oct. 4 from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. or by appointment. Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the health of those least served in the 72 counties identified in the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. They are working to provide innovative, effective and long-term physical, mental and spiritual resources to promote healing and wellness. The portraits of the individuals presented give the viewers a glimpse into the lives of persons who chose to use their strengths, trials and values to chart a life filled with ‘eye on the prize.’ The photographer of the exhibit is a attorney-turned-photographer who is heralded as one of the best portrait photographers in the United States. He was awarded a Mid-America National Endowment for the Arts Photography Fellowship in 1992 and he lectures worldwide for the United States Information Agency.

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