Bradyites emulate small town hospitality

Dear Editor: As a recent visitor to your area, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the extraordinary hospitality of the “Heart O’ Texas”. On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 13, I had the unfortunate circumstance of losing a wheel off of my car on the edge of town at 9:30 p.m. I was very fortunate that no one was hurt by the freewheeling tire careening down the highway. Needless to say, I was very concerned about my ability to get help so late in the evening. Immediately I was surrounded by “Bradyites” stopping to offer assistance. I particularly would like to thank Billy Smith and Curtis Patterson for their help. Billy was kind enough to use his cell phone to get another Bradyite to bring a hydraulic jack to the scene. Another unknown citizen rounded up my wayward tire and delivered it to us. Billy and Curtis then proceeded to make some difficult on-the-spot repairs that I could not accomplished on my own. They enabled me to get the car operational enough to get to The Days Inn. Your on-duty police officer ( I am ashamed I did not get his name) was extremely helpful in directing traffic and following me to the Days Inn to make sure I got there safely. The next morning I went to Lubke’s for permanent repairs. The parts to make the repair were not in stock. Courtney was kind enough to solicit those parts from Eden and Brownwood( two separate trips !) and have me on my way by noon. I would like to thank all of Brady for it’s hospitality and the nice people mentioned above certainly exhibit why you are called the “Heart O’ Texas”. Bill Stevens Dallas, Tx.

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