Tres Amigos golf tourney winners

A lot has happened in our nation since my last column and I want to take this time to say my prayers are with our world leaders, our national, state, county and city leaders, as well as the families that have lost loved ones in Washington and the rescue workers that are still working so hard and hoping to find someone still alive in all the rubble. We have so much to be thankful for in our great land and we sometimes take so much for granted that we forget to thank God for his bountiful love and for being able to live in a free country. We are trying to proceed on in our daily operations here at the golf course and we have completed the Club Championship Tournament. In the championship flight the first place winner is Richard Roper. Second place went to Curtis Copeland. The first flight winner is Gray Carrithers with second place going to Donald Owens. In the ladies’ flight first place winner is Denise Nichols. Second place winner is Mae Journeay. Congratulations to each of you for playing and for winning your flights. The regular Sunday Hully-Gully scheduled for Sept. 9 was canceled due to rain and will not be rescheduled for this month. The regular Thursday Hully-Gully will be played this Thursday as scheduled. Sign up by coming by the Golf Shop or by calling 597-6010 to sign up, but call before 4:30 on Thursday. The Tres-Amigos was a very good tournament with a full field of golfers. There were 44 three-man teams. Men came from all over to play in this tournament. We had men from Brady, Seymour, Menard, Lawton, Ok., Irving, Missouri City, Ballinger, San Angelo, Alpine, Wellington, San Antonio, Big Lake, Melvin, Del Rio, Eden, Wichita Falls, Dallas, West Columbia, Coleman, Santa Anna, Kyle, Brownwood, Austin, Sonora, Hext, San Saba, Stephenville, Valera, Benbrook, Lamesa, Grandury and Richardson. I thank each of you for coming and I also thank the Heart of Texas Golf Association for putting on the tournament and for all their hard work. There was four flights and I must say I have not seen scores that were this good before. Posted scores ranged from 52 on Saturday to only 71 on Sunday. Weather conditions were excellent with overcast skies on Saturday and a light breeze blowing all day. Sunday was a little warmer but it was still excellent golfing weather. Winners of each flight were: Championship Flight: 1st Place Team’Ted Epley, Jackie Chambers and Steve Whiteside with a 54 and 56 for a two-day total of 110. 2nd Place Team’Danny Neal, Carl Crawly and Bob Thomas with a 52 and 60 for a two day total of 112. 3rd Place Team’Jim McAnally, Tom Hale and Billy Dawson with a 57 and 56 for a two day total of 113. President’s Flight: 1st Place Team’Craig Steffens, Steve Autry and Jimmy Fore with a 59 and 57 for a two day total of 116. 2nd Place Team’Steve McNabb, Bob Bitters and Bob Boatright with a 59 and 59 for a two day total of 118. 3rd Place Team’James Phillips, Wade Daugherty and Monte Barnes with a 60 and 58 for a two day total of 118. First Flight: 1st Place Team’Richard Roper, Jr., Barry Jackson and Felix Ramirez with a 62 and 57 for a two day total of 119. 2nd Place Team’Brad Childs, Michael Childs and Brent Raybion with a 62 and 60 for a two day total of 122. 3rd Place Team’Dan Summers, Scott Steguer and Joe Caldwell with a 63 and 60 for a two day total of 123. Second Flight: 1st Place Team’Chris Garia, Jecssie Paredes and Juan M. Sanchez with a 67 and 61 for a two day total of 128. 2nd Place Team’Richard Journeay, Jim Quinn and Jim Adams with a 66 and 64 for a two day total of 130. 3rd Place Team’Mike Barker, Jim Barker and Jason Smith with a 67 and 63 for a two day total of 130. Congratulations to each of you for winning and for playing so well. I also want to take this time to congratulate Billy Jack Dawson from Valera for hitting his first Hole-In-One and winning $10,000. I do believe the witness, Dave West was more excited than Billy was. Hearing them tell of the experience was exciting and I’m sure getting to see it was more exciting. Congratulations again Billy! The Heart of Texas Golf Association went through the Hole-In-One U.S.A. Foundation to cover prizes given for Hole-In-Ones made during the tournament. Sponsors who helped make this possible were’Texaco Travel Center and Texaco Food Mart, Wal-Mart Pharmacy of Brady, Brady McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce, Harris Place Financial Services, The Twins Liquor Stores, H.O.T. Lube, Laserwash and Detail Shop, Higginbotham’s Building Center of Brady, and El Flamingo Restaurant. The Association expresses their thanks for making this possible. There was a work/clean-up day on Thursday before the Tres-Amigos Tournament and those that helped or I should say worked were: Liz Rudder, Dannye Calley, Kathy Powell, Bobbie Williams and Bobby Williams on trash detail; JT Epley, Charlie Bush, Swede Carlson on mowers; Jean Bush picking up range balls; Craig Steffens for drawings. Joe Carriger picking up limbs and trash; Donald Owens, Tommy Ruiz and Roy Short weed eating; Richard Journeay and Jim Quinn for setting up the tent and pit for the ladies to cook; Mae Journeay, Kae Ball, Cheryl Epley and Jean Bush for making ribbons that were handed out to everyone that played and Gwen Bush and Lina Cruz for bathroom detail. If I missed anyone I am sorry, but we do appreciate all of you for your hard work and the compliments that we all received for the conditions of the course and cleanliness is to be passed on to each of you. Thank you from JT, Cheryl and Gwen. Without your help we would not be able to have completed all that was to be done. I would like to take this time to tell you of two tournaments coming up in October. On Oct. 6 will be the First Responders Tournament and it will consist of 16 teams made up of 5 persons on a team at $35 per person. All proceeds go to help buy new equipment for the EMS. You may sign your team up by calling the Golf Shop at 597-6010. There will be a Sadie Hawkins Tournament on October 13th and will consist of 16 teams made up of 5 persons (two ladies and 3 Men) per team at $35 per person. All proceeds will go to the Golf Course to help build greens or for new equipment. So ladies, grab your partners and call the Brady Golf Shop to sign your team up at 597-6010. Well that about does it for this week! I do invite you to come out and play a round of golf or just come out and see how pretty it is out on the course. Hope to see you real soon!

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