Prayer vigil draws crowd

In one of the most positive signs of solidarity seen in McCulloch County in recent history, several hundred residents met on the courthouse lawn Tuesday evening and participated in a prayer vigil. With words provided by several local ministers and individuals, the gathering turned heads of passersby especially as all who were able, knelt in prayer for our city, county and nation. Organized by members of New Song Christian Fellowship Church, the prayer vigil and candlelight ceremony attracted members from all parts of the community. “What we need to do is to put our petty differences aside and come together as a nation,” said Brady Mayor Clarence Friar as he addressed the audience. Young and old alike from all races and social groups banded together in prayer to show support for the men, women and children whose lives have been affected by the terrorist attacks. Local firefighters and law enforcement personnel attended in uniform with the traditional black stripe across their badges symbolizing the loss of a fellow officer. As the vigil ended, the crowd dissipated under the words of patriotic songs. Chants of “USA! USA!” rang out across the Heart of Texas.

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