MEC renovation nears completion

Still wading through the finishing touches ranging from laying carpet to cleaning windows, the Brady Police Department and dispatching service moved into the newly renovated Public Services Building Wednesday. With the Emergency Medical Services department already moved in and adjusting to the new surroundings, the police department is the second of three City offices that is scheduled to move into the facility. The remodeling of the old McCulloch Electric Building has been going on for the past few months and is expected to be 100 percent complete by the end of September. According to Police Chief John Stewart, the portion of the building occupied by the law officers was finished to a point where they could continue daily activities while the remainder of the building was being completed. “We were also working on the schedules of the people who move things like the teletype and 911 system,” Stewart told the Standard-Herald Wednesday afternoon. “These people require a 45-day notice and we had put off the move date twice before due to construction delays. This time, we were far enough along that we could make the move.” Technicians from Texas Communications in Brownwood worked on installing the radio equipment throughout the day while specialists from Wayne Scott Communications in San Angelo transferred the highly technical 911 answering system. “We are glad to be over here,” commented Stewart. “My officers have even told me that the new location has given us even better reception on the two-way radios. “We still have a lot to do, but things are coming together.” Dispatchers and radio technicians spent several hours Wednesday installing and testing the new radio console. The 911 system was transferred from the old location to the new facility with no down time. “We were able to use the old Crimestoppers telephone number to serve as the 911 line during the move,” said Stewart. “We completed the move without any interruption in 911 service.” The building, located on Elm Street just behind the post office, is still undergoing major modifications. For those city employees already moved into the new location, the benefits of adequate available space and upgraded useful facilities is apparently already worth the wait and effort.

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