Many Rochelle men were vets of World War I

Everytime our nation is in a turmoil or the talk of war comes around, I always think of the two big ones’World War I and World War II. I have written about the World War II heroes from Rochelle, but I never realized how many men from Rochelle were in World War I. To name a few, they were Tom Sellman, Joe Gainer, Earl Neal, Robert McVay, Roy Barton, Walter Engdahl, Ed Burton, VancyWaddill, Vernon Waddill, Burt Burk, Emmett Hall, Alvin Hall, Leonard Hamilton, Lonnie Cates, James Roper, Hugh Brauley, Clarence Price (who died in the service on Nov. 13, 1918), Glen Mitchell, Wence Calley, Vergil Curry, Beaumont Goyten, Giles Floyd, Rodger Guyton, Almond Townsend, Herbet Crump, Alvie Morgan, Roy Morris, Luther Bouland, John Crawford, Paul Haddow, X.L. Harris, Ermer Oliver, Otis Waddell, William Altizer, Milton Gainer, Miles Baize, Locket McGaratee, Clyde McGaratee, Leonard Hampton, Ma-gus Lark, Charley Nix, Albert Knoy, Harold Irvin, Fred McCormick, James Hall, F.F. MaGee, Louis Hoffman, H. Wilmuth, Fred Nix and Linnel Nix. The first ones to go into the Army appear in the associated 1917 picture: Bottom row, left to right, R. Roy Barton, Paul Haddow, Emmett Hall, unknown, Morris and George Vick. top row, Alvin Hall, Bert Burk, Rodger Guyton, unknown, unknown and unknown.

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