Be cautious

Dear Sirs: Many years ago I saw a movie starring Charles Bronson, Lee Remick and Donald Pleasance. I believe it was called “Sleeper,” although I may not remember correctly. The gist of the movie was that when the USSR ever decided to wage war on the United States, there would be Russian agents in place who were trained at the terrorist center in Novgorod outside Moscow. Their training consisted of learning to speak perfect English, even down to the particular nuance of speech of the area of the U.S. to which they were assigned. They were for all intents and purposes American. They owned businesses, went to church regularly, were good neighbors, knew all the baseball and football teams and weekly scores, fished and hunted with their friends, etc. In other words, they were “true, blue Americans.” However, if they received a telephone call in code from their “handlers” in Moscow, they were to immediately close up shop and execute their pre-designated instructions which were to blow up bridges, destroy and disrupt communication lines, murder certain targets, all to throw America into as much chaos as possible before an attack. They realized that the call might never come and that they could live out their lives in America until death. I am not trying to scare anyone after the Sept. 11 horror, but I for one am keeping in mind that there may well be “sleeper” terrorists still in the United States ready to carry out other acts of destruction in the future. The well-organized attack in New York took many years of training and more may be on the way. In the future, I for one will keep a close watch on people and neighbors where I live just in case. Sincerely, COREY D. FINLAY Brady, Tex.

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