Environmental group appointed to assist in Brady Creek cleanup

A new group selected to oversee and provide input for the upcoming Brady Creek 319 project, the Citizen Advisory Committee, was recently appointed by Brady Mayor Clarence Friar and will now begin aiding the Upper Colorado River Authority (UCRA) with the project. Mike Smith will serve as chairman with Martin Leatherwood as vice chairman and DeLaine Poe as the public relations administrator. The committee was appointed by Friar to oversee the project which has been funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and implemented by UCRA in partnership with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and the City of Brady. The 319 project will work toward the reduction of non-point source and urban run-off abatement in Brady Creek by implementing changes to the current run-off situation. Pollution from road grime, household and commercial run-off has all but eliminated the fish population in Brady Creek. The committee will be looking at beautification, pollution prevention and upgrades to the Brady Creek area as they develop a “master plan” to be implemented over the next five years. A public forum will be held at a later date to explain the process to the local community as the committee begins working on a “Master Plan” which will include administration, public education and involvement, monitoring and data collection, engineering and design, BMP construction, assessment and reporting. Brady businesses and the general public are asked to volunteer their time to the project in order to achieve the desired results. For more information, contact Mrs. Poe at 597-3491.

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