Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: My family (both sides-Rickmans and Virdells ) are from Brady. I have been coming to the Goat Cook-Off since it started, along with several friends from Dallas metroplex and Denison. We made the trip once again with more new members to our caravan and found a very disappointing discovery, there was not a Goat Pill Flipping Contest! I had with me a two-time champion of this well publicized event.This was in every paper for a 100 miles, and farther, that this is a main event at the cook-off, yet it didn’t happen. The excuse, when talking to Mrs. Poe was’there were no dry goat pills. I’m aware, as my fellow partners (and they’re from the city) that this cook-off is starting to be prepared right after the other is through. Given that this is the case, the Chamber of Commerce has 365 days to get these pills, understanding that they would be dry of course, everyone would be given the same chance. A week or two in advance would have been sufficient to collect these pills,since it’s a known fact that there is never much, if any rain, at this time of year. I am also aware of barns that house goats (from bad whether) are a dime a dozen in the McCollouch County. If I knew this was a problem, we would have brought them with us from Dallas’my buddy has goats for everyone. The reason I bring this up is because Brady advertises this event, along with horseshoes and throwing washers and the cook-off, as a main event and then gives a sorry excuse like “there was no dry goat pills.” I had to listen to this for over 200 miles and 4.5 hours! I would have alot rather listened to my two-year-old screaming or heck even about my buddy winning again. I just had to write and let you know about this. On a more serious note, thanks for getting the paper online, I can now keep up with my family’s home town. Sincerely, Doug Rickman Cartwright,OK. (via email)

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