Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Today, we witnessed an unbelievable event in U.S. History. Even now, we’re still trying to make sense of it. The spirit of America was shaken and all of us watched in awe as our home, these United States of America, was turned upside down emotionally, spiritually, financially and structurally. The terrorists today sought to destroy symbols of our national power in U.S. Financial and military affairs. The well-coordinated, meticulously planned, and financially supported attack may have shown our vulnerability today, but we will persevere. We will not be intimidated! Our faith and spirit will not be broken; we’re angry! We will demand justice for this crisis, wherever it’s found. Someone and/or a group in a harboring country must be found and held accountable now! The attacks on our country, our home, and our values must cease, and our government must use every resource possible to put America’s enemy under its feet. Our feeling of safety and security, before always taken for granted, has been threatened by an unseen enemy, someone perhaps who has an extreme religious view and obvious hatred towards America. My home. I have an extreme religious view as well, a belief in God Almighty. I know that America will remain strong, steadfast, and resolved to put itself back together again. We as Christians, do not go into the world, killing innocent victims and then hide behind the shroud of religious conviction. Yesterday was murder, nothing else! Our country grieves with the victims’ families and survivors, and all of us should take time to pray for our nation’those who lost their lives, those injured, those rescued and their rescuers. The waste of so many innocent lives reminds us how fragile life is. We should appreciate our great country, our home, the freedom we value, and the love of God. For the moment, terrorists may have a shallow and symbolic victory. However, we, in America, our home, will prevail and will ultimately have real victory! To those extremists who breached our security today, I have this to say, “You have hit us, you have hurt us, we will hunt you wherever you hide, we will find you, you will be held accountable, we will have our day, and God will heal us!” “God, forgive them, for they know no what they have done.” God bless America, our home, sweet home! CHUCK BAILEY PROUD AMERICAN Teacher

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