Ex-Bradyite heading for job at Pentagon as airplane crashes

Gayl Taylor, daughter of G.S. (Happy) Hubbard of Brady and a 1967 Brady High School graduate, was en route to her office in the Pentagon when the hijacked airplane crashed into the massive building. She assists officers’ wives when their husbands are reassigned or are assigned to the Pentagon. Her husband is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who has a job elsewhere in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Taylor phoned her father just after he turned on the TV to see the aircraft hurtle into the building saying that she saw the plane flying down over the freeway then noticed smoke rising above the tree-lined expressway. She said she got off the roadway by taking the next exit and returned home, somewhat shaken. Hubbard said Gayl’s office was in the southeast portion of the Pentagon while the plane struck the western side. News reports state that the White House was the primary target of the hijacker.

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