Bradyites feeling effects over 2,000 miles away

The unthinkable has happened and the world is in shock. Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C. have left the entire nation in complete disbelief. Brady is no different. As news stories continue to be fed through live camera feeds, the questions continue to be asked by Bradyites along with the rest of the world. Why’ How’ Who’ Rumors of gasoline shortages and overinflated prices nearing $6 per gallon bombarded Brady Tuesday evening. Lines as long as 15 cars at some places could be seen as people filled their tanks hoping to avoid a potential drastic increase. The rumors were squelched early Wednesday morning as Attorney General John Cornyn issued public statements condemning the price-gouging. City and County officials heeded governmental cautions and sent additional law enforcement to the streets. A 24-hour watch has been placed on access to Curtis Field. The military maneuvers underway at the airport have been put on hold as all pertinent military personnel have been called back to Fort Hood. Throughout Brady all day Tuesday and Wednesday, the look of utter disbelief and shock could be seen everywhere. Groups of people huddled around television sets watching and listening to every unbelievable development. Several people in McCulloch County have personal ties to the regions struck by the terrorists. Christine Jones has a son, Adrian, and a nephew, Timothy, on active duty in the army. Timothy, stationed in New York, contacted Ms. Jones and her family late Tuesday evening to ensure them of his safety. “Adrian is stationed in Missouri and finally called late Tuesday night and told us that his base was on full Delta Alert, That was about all he was allowed to say,” said Ms. Jones. “My first thoughts when this whole thing happened were’Oh, God, is this real’ “Now, I believe we all need to support the nation and have a full scale investigation to find out who is behind it and bring them to justice,” she added. Throughout the town of Brady on Wednesday, people seemed to be in a daze. Despite being thousands of miles away from the disaster, the effects could clearly be seen on the faces of those here in the Heart of Texas. Prayer vigils have been held both in private and publicly. More are scheduled throughout the next week. The positive side of this tragedy, if there is one, is that people of all nationalities and religions are united in open support of the victims and their families and condemning the atrocious viscousness of the well-calculated attack. The Heart of Texas, as for the rest of the nation, will never be the same. God Bless the victims, families and everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.’JS

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