The Mane Lion

The Goat Cookoff and Labor Day have come and gone. All of our county’s schools are back in session, and Friday night football is in full swing. Most importantly, the Brady Lions Club is still meeting at noon each Thursday at Cafe at the Depot, and last week we had 24 Lions in attendance. (Wow! That’s about half of the membership!) County Judge Randy Young spoke to the gathering. His program was sponsored by Lion Dr. Richard Lane. Judge Young covered some highlights of the new laws that went into effect on Sept. 1. One of the most publicized new statutes is the so-called ‘Open Container Law.’ Generally this means that there can not be an open container of alcoholic beverage anywhere in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. According to the judge, the penalties and additional costs for violating this law can be substantial. Another change is the penalty aspect of being arrested for DWI. The automatic driver’s license suspensions for refusing a breathalyzer test and for failing one have been doubled. The offender will now lose his or her driving privilege for 6 months to one year. Judge Young described some of the costs associated with a DWI arrest, including towing and impounding of the vehicle, cost of a bond to be released from custody, attorney’s fees, court costs, probation fees, and more. It seems that $2,500 might be the tab for even the first offense. This puts in perspective the slogan we’ve seen on highway signs, ‘DWI ‘ You can’t afford it!’ Until next week, remember the Lions Clubs’ motto, ‘We Serve.’

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