Republican Women reconvene after break

The McCulloch County Republican Women meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Chamber of Commerce conference room. These “brown bag” meetings are at noon. The group took a break during the summer months, but is now ready to get back to work of educating voters on the issues and candidates of local, state and national elections. “As a grassroots organization, our focus is more conservative than it is partisan,” commented club president Fay Parks. “Smaller government and policies that support, rather than hinder, the traditional family are what we care about. We gladly invite new members to join us in working toward these goals.” The Republican Women recently held an education supply drive and collected over $375 worth of materials to help local children with their back-to-school needs. “We appreciate the generosity of the folks who contributed and want the thank Wal-Mart for allowing us the space to take up this collection,” said organization vice-president Jessalu Lorck.

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