FSA applicants denied 1998 crop loss disaster assistance may now be eligible

Producers who previously did not qualify for benefits under the 1998 Crop Loss Disaster Program (CLDAP) may now be eligible, according to Bobby L. Schmidt, McCulloch County FSA Executive Director. Eligibility for CLDAP benefits under the multi-year option required crop losses by producer identification number in at least three of five years from 1994 through 1998. “The revised legislation gives individuals previously ineligible for multi-year program payments the opportunity to submit their application and potentially receive CLDAP benefits,” said Schmidt. The deadline for applicants to submit a completed CCC-540MY, Crop Loss Disaster Assistance Program Application form for multi-year benefits is Friday, Sept. 14. No applications for benefits will be accepted after this date. Completed forms should be submitted to: USDA/Farm Service Agency, Room 3643-S, STOP 0517, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250-0517. Envelopes with applications enclosed should have “Multi-year Revised Eligibility Determination Request” legibly and boldly marked on the front. As the program deadline nears, applications can be faxed to (202)-720-4941 and must have “Multi-year Revised Eligibility Determination Request,” written on the fax cover sheet. Applications will be accepted from individual producers only. Joint operations or entities are not eligible. The revised eligibility requirements provide that producers that otherwise would have qualified for the 1998 CLDAP multi-year benefit in the absence of restructuring of their farming operation, or may have operated under multiple entities in the years 1994 through 1998, may qualify for program benefits. Eligible produces include those that either previously filed an application and did not meet eligibility requirements; or producers who received a payment for single-year losses, but did not initially qualify for multi-year benefits. Additionally, producers who restructed their business or changed their farming operations from an individual to an entity, changed identification (ID) numbers, or had crop losses, but operated under different ID numbers in the years 1994 through 1998, and did not meet the minimum crop loss history requirement necessary to receive a multi-year benefit might qualify for CLDAP benefits as well. According to Schmidt, “Recalculation of payments to producers who received multi-year payments under the prior CLDAP allocation is not an option under these new program provisions.” Applicants will be required to provide proof of crop insurance indemnities received for each farming operation identified in the qualification process. The applicant must also provide evidence of ad hoc disaster payments and Noninsured Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) benefits received during the 1994 through 1998 timeframe. Payments issued under the 1998 CLDAP are not to exceed $80,000 per person and are subject to a national payment factor of 0.849. “FSA recommends that any producer who suspects that he or she might qualify for CLDAP program benefits contact the office immediately to confirm their eligibility, considering the window of opportunity for application is very short,” said Schmidt. For more information regarding Crop Loss Disaster Assistance Program eligibility, contact the McCulloch County office at (915) 597-1512, option 2 or visit FSA’s website at http://www.fsa.usda.gov.

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