Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, In response to the article about resurfacing the streets of Brady. In the 20 plus years that I’ve resided in Brady, the city has done, or had done, resurfacing of the paved streets four or five times. Nary once have the residential dirt streets ever been touched with asphalt or macadam. Not even the liquid to keep down the dust. Now it looks like the paved streets are again going to be leveled out and resurfaced with an asphalt coating and the dirt streets with residents will again be ignored or filled up with caliche and loose rocks. Why is it that certain taxpayers are discriminated against and looked on as minor citizens because they just happen to live on unpaved dirt streets’ I, personally, have been promised by the three previous city managers that my street would be paved next week or within the year, and I am still waiting for this to happen after five to 15 years have passed. I urge all dirt residents to call the mayor, city manager and council members and strongly complain about being discriminated against. RAY SPENDLEY Brady, Tex.

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