Council zips through short agenda list

In a meeting that lasted barely 40 minutes, the Brady City Council made short work of their list of agenda items. It was business as usual in the ordinance portion of the meeting as three items were each passed on their respective readings. The first reading of a state recommended code for various building, plumbing and electrical codes was passed unanimously. This ordinance comes from a standard book of codes that are recommended as state minimums for city codes. Councilman Jesse McAnally noted to the council that recent changes had been passed by the Governor and that the item should be passed pending any new and necessary updates. The Council also passed the third and final reading of an ordinance adopting rules for on-site sewage facilities. McAnally opposed this item again citing that the ordinance as written did not comply with the rules the City needed. In action items on the agenda, the Council passed a resolution that waives any rights of reversion for part of Cypress Street near the South Ward Campus. In the original deed of the land to the City, the contract states that if the land was ever sold, the city would retain the right to continue the street through the property. The property is currently owned by New Song Christian Fellowship and has another contract pending. The resolution simply stated that the City would waive its right to claim that portion of land. The Council next awarded Brady National Bank with the depository contract for the next fiscal year citing a more attractive bid submitted by the local bank. The Council then addressed the topic of appointing an official newspaper for the 2001-2002 fiscal year. Councilman Matt Mills followed Mayor Clarence Friar’s recommendation and nominated the N Business Journal to be designated. Brady Standard-Herald editor James Stewart addressed the Council and presented them with state law documents that show that it is illegal for a newspaper that has not been in business for at least one year to be appointed as the official newspaper. Based upon the information, the Council tabled the item until the next regular meeting. A brief manager’s report and city secretary’s report concluded the meeting.

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