Brady Bulldogs seeking first victory against arch rival Mason Punchers

Brady High School varsity football coach Davy DuBose is gearing up for what he expects to be yet another tough Friday night matchup as the Dogs prepare to host Mason Friday at 7:30 p.m. “This appears to be a long-time rivalry that Mason still gets hyped up for,” said DuBose. “This is their first official game of the season, but I expect them to be ready and waiting.” Under the direction of new head coach Randy Jackson, the Punchers will bring ample size and speed to the field Friday. With two scrimmages under their belt against Llano and DeLeon, the team will face its first 48-minute contest against the Doggies. “We were encouraged last week that our boys made it through the entire game with virtually no injuries. We seem to be well conditioned and we should be 100 percent Friday night.” The only injury sustained by the Brady troops during the season opener Friday against Coleman was a strained groin muscle in kicker/punter Jody Jones’ kicking leg. “He is a little sore right now, but he should be ready to go Friday night,” DuBose told the Standard-Herald Wednesday. After reviewing game videos of Friday’s matchup with Coleman, the Brady coaches devoted a majority of their time this week to reteaching the basic tackling and blocking drills. “We really have to work on our basic technique,” DuBose commented. “Learning the offense and defense will come with time. Right now, we are concerned with getting the basics down. Once we get that taken care of, the rest will come.” “Mason has some guys, especially on the front line that have size, so we are going to have our hands full. A lot of what we did this week was to get the kids to recommit to becoming better football players. This is not just a physical game, but it involves finding out what makes each individual player gear up and prepare for the game.” DuBose’s cross-field nemesis Friday night is one of whom he knows a lot about. Having been personal and professional acquaintances with Jackson’s father, Raymond, for over 20 years, DuBose expects big things from the Mason team. “I have known Randy since he was about knee high,” said the coach. “I am sure he is going to come in here hoping to beat ol’ coach DuBose.” Throughout the week’s practices, the Brady coaching staff has worked to cut down on the numerous turnovers and penalties that plagued the squad Friday night. “If we would have had only half of the turnovers and penalties we had, we might have won the game,” said DuBose. The maturing troops will be given more responsibility this week as the younger members will see more and more play time. Hoping to diversify the offense more, tailback Chris Airheart should see more time with the ball. “We are continually evaluating our team to see what changes need to be made to strengthen the team,” said DuBose. “Most of the personnel changes come in the first and second games, but it will not end for us there.” The Punchers are coming off a successful season last year despite an early season loss to the Bulldogs. A large crowd is expected for the event that will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Bulldog Stadium.

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