Gwen’s Golfin’ Gab

This past week has been very nice here at the course. The local people have been coming out as usual to play and a few out of town people have visited our course. Everyone is rather impressed with the condition of the fairways and the greens. If you remember this time last year we were in bad need of rain and it was very hot as well. Once again I am proud to say that the rains have been a real blessing to all of us. The Thursday Hully-Gully had 36 players out vying for the first place money. There were six five-person teams and one six-person team that played. Scores ranged from 29 to 31 which was very close once again. There was four 29 scores posted and after the score card play off the first place team was Jimmy Hukill, Swede Carlson, Jack Roberts, Jim Dubose and Dannye Calley. Second place went to David Graves, Terry Virdell, Wayne Rawlings, Roy Short and Mae Journeay with a 29. Third place went to Michael Valdez, Vic Cruz, David Brown, Doug Roberts and Smoke Allgood also with a 29. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. The next scheduled Hully-Gully will be Thursday Aug. 30 at 5:30 p.m., and you may sign up to play by calling the Golf Shop at 597-6010 before 4:30 p.m. if you are interested in playing. The Saturday Cowboy & Sponsor golf tournament was also fun. We had 28 people out to play. There were seven four-person teams and scores ranged from 60 to 75. Believe it or not, cowboys can and do play golf. And sometimes they even hit the golf ball off the tee box while sitting on a saddle that is on 2 bales of hay. And they can even putt with a branding iron! If you haven’t tried doing either of these’try it sometimes. It’s not as easy as you might think! The winning team with a posted score of 60 was Mike Kyle, Doug Roberts, Randal Jacoby and Chad Keith. The second place team with a score of 62 was Eddie Hatfield, Smurf (the clown), Gabe Moreno and Roach Hedeman. Third place team consisted of Chad Beavers, Jim Quinn, Charlie Bush and Gwen Bush with a score of 63. We really enjoyed the morning and it was pleasant weather. As you can tell there isn’t much news here this week. We are closing in on the Tres-Amigos tournament and as of now we have 35 teams signed up with no afternoon tee times left for Saturday. Remember, we are taking only the first 44 paid teams that sign up! Also remember to call or come by the Golf Shop if you plan on playing this weekend, as you will need a tee time to play! Thank you for you cooperation in this matter! Tee times can be made by calling 597-6010. Hope to see you out playing on the course real soon.

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