Rainy weather making life interesting for visitors

In what is quickly resembling a mud bog, the camp sites at Richards Park are giving early arrivals fits as they battle inches of slick mud caused by recent rains. Ruts up to six inches deep are already visible throughout the cooking area as the drivers of four-wheel drive trucks did their best to position gear laden trailers. Since Aug.1, 5.45 inches of rain have graced the Brady city limits. Reports from across the county give varying totals ranging from a mere trace in some locations to as much as six inches in the southwestern portion of the county. Out at Richards Park, the spaces reserved for RV hookups from the city are almost full with several camps already reaching their three week maturity date. Wednesday was a flurry of activity at the park as chamber members marked off campsites and did their best to stay out of the mud. New cooking team camps were being erected across the park and many were settled and ready for the upcoming weekend activities. A new market for wooden pallets had campers doing all they could to stay out of the thick clay. One cooking team reportedly needed two additional four wheel drive vehicles pulling the front of its tow vehicle to haul their cooking rig into place. “We had one of our cooking partners call us this afternoon and tell us that he was stuck in his back yard because of all of the rain,” said Johnny Ellzey of the Johnny Rooter Plumbing cooking team. “He couldn’t even get out of his yard with a four wheel drive suburban.” While cooking teams are arriving in droves and setting up their camps, the chamber is busy preparing for the onslaught of visitors. Guests of the Cook-Off should expect some muddy conditions with pleasant, but humid afternoon temperatures.

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