‘Meat Man’ Hendley broadens horizons using new technology

Bringing a new, modern twist to good ol’ fashioned service, Steve Hendley, owner and proprietor of Steve’s Meat Market, is taking a new approach to providing his customers with top quality meats. After months of planning and researching, he recently purchased a state-of-the-art gas-assisted smoker with which he will now custom smoke just about any type of meat. “This is something that I have wanted to do for several years,” said Hendley. “We have just been waiting for the right time and right equipment to come along. With it we can smoke just about anything that someone wants. If they bring us the meat, whether it is turkey, ham, fish or whatever, we can smoke it.” The smoker is completely automatic and features an environmentally friendly wood burning unit. It utilizes only a few scant pieces of wood to smoke up to 60 briskets at a time. The unit has a 500 pound capacity and is more economical than most other commercial smokers on the market. The technology used in the design of the smoker regulates the temperature and even keeps smoke from entering the building when the doors are opened. Quick to dispel any rumors of turning his full-service butcher shop into a restaurant, Hendley stresses the difference between custom smoked meats and barbecue. “The unit we have uses only smoke to cook the meat,” he said. “Most places who smoke meats use a system that is designed around using forced air. This smoker we have uses nothing but smoke to flavor the meat. This is not going to be barbecue. It is going to be high quality, custom smoked meats. There is a world of difference between the two; they have two very distinct tastes and two distinct textures.” Some of the first meats to be run through the smoker were summer sausage and link sausage. As with all of the meats, the summer sausage can be made to suit just about anyone’s individual taste from mild to scorching hot. As part of his overall plan to expand his speciality items, Hendley is working with an Atlanta, Ga. spice company to derive a unique and custom-made seasoning for many of his new products. From summer sausage to breakfast pork sausage, and every type in between, the spice combination he decides upon will be original to the Brady meat market and the recipe will be kept secret. “We have been working with this company for some time developing our own particular flavoring for different types of sausage,” said Hendley. “Once we get it perfected, it will be my own special blend with my name on it.” Carrying on the tradition begun by his grandfather of serving local residents with high quality, custom meats, Steve, his wife, Cindy, his father, Johnny, and mother, Lynda, now have one more list of items on the board when you walk through the doors.

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