Varsity Dogs game roster

There are 31 players on the Brady Bulldog varsity roster, and as of last Friday, 23 of them are backs or receivers . “I don’t think I’ve ever had a team that had that many in those positions,” coach Davy DuBose said. “We may have to convert some of those backs to linemen. We’ll just have to wait and see,” he said. The quarterbacks are: ‘Clifton Tally, QB/DB, 165, jr. ‘Colby Dodds, QB/DB, 170, soph. The running backs are: ‘Johnny Menefield, RB/DB, 175, sr. ‘Brad Sherman, RB/DB, 160, sr. ‘C.J. Villegas, RB/DB, 150, soph. ‘Carter McBee, RB/LB, 160, soph. ‘Chris Airheart, RB/DB, 170, soph. ‘Abraham Cortez, RB/DB, 140, jr. ‘T.J. Meadows, RB/DB, 140, jr. ‘Gabriel Bernal, RB/LB, 180, sr. ‘Mario Solis, RB/LB, 180, jr. ‘Brannan Lawrence, RB/DB, 170, sr. ‘John Mata, RB/DB, 175, sr. ‘Jeremy Shields, RB/LB, 180, soph. The receiving corps includes: ‘Samuel Torres, SE/DB, 140, sr. ‘Hunter Wilkinson, SE/DB, 175, sr. ‘Mike Gutierrez, SE/DB, 150, soph. ‘Blake Raybion, SE/DB, 150, sr. ‘Oscar Villarreal, SE/DB, 160, soph. ‘Lance Owens, TE/DB, 170, soph. ‘Zach Brown, TE/DE, 215, sr. ‘Lance Andrews, TE/DE, 200, jr. The linemen include: ‘Fidel Huerta, C/DT, 195, sr. ‘James Ross, C/DE, 200, soph. ‘Casey Poe, G/DT, 215, jr. ‘Bryan Parks, T/DE, 230, jr. ‘Tyler Williams, G/DT, 215, jr. ‘Casey Long, G/DE, 195, soph. ‘Cody Holubec, T/DE, 190, jr. ‘Marcus Reed, T/DT, 260, jr. The kicker/punter is: ‘Jody Jones, P/PK, 150, sr.

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