Rochelle boys tough football club in 1926

The Rochelle football team of 1926 had a bunch of tough looking players. I knew most of them. I don’t know how many games they won, but from knowing these guys, I bet they did not win the good sportsmanship trophy. They were led by coach Loveless. From the picture it looks like they were running the double wing offense. There wasn’t much grass on the playing field which was just east of the tabernacle. The players were Wilbur Templeton, Johnny Crew, Dennis Donahoe, Lee Miller, Raymond Harvison, Edgar Woods, Daymon Brown, Carl Davenport, Clyde Green, Troy Cates, Roy Miller, Luther Cole, Roy Clary, Robert Smith, Flossy Cates, Howard Price, Terrell Burk, Forest Renfro, Bill Moseley, a McDonald (I don’t know if it was Bill, Tillman or Al) and Arledge.

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