Commissioners mull budget issues

Meeting for the third time this month, the McCulloch County Commissioners joined in a special meeting Monday to discuss and/or approve a short list of agenda items. First up on the morning, the Commissioners authorized a technology fund court cost of $4 for each juvenile court case. According to McCulloch County Judge Randy Young, a new law will go into effect Sept. 1 that will allow counties to collect $4 from all juvenile court cases. The money generated from each case will be put into a special fund to be administered by the county for use with technology upgrades in the justice court. Items under new law that may be purchased through the fund include new computer systems, a computer network, computer hardware, computer software, imaging systems, electric kiosks, electric ticket writers and docket management systems. Shannon’s AirMed 1 contract with the county was renewed Monday during the special meeting. Standard procedures require AirMed 1 to contact the Commissioner’s court annually for approval to continue flight services. In other business, the Commissioners adopted the retirement system annually determined contribution rate. According to Judge Young, the adopted options are the same options approved in previous years. It will allow the standard cost of living increase to remain the same as the consumer price index. In a separate item, McCulloch County Attorney Ginger Treadwell petitioned the Commissioners to allow approximately $1,080 to be included in her budget for next year to offset the cost of hiring a temporary replacement in her office. The replacement is required because Mrs. Treadwell’s secretary, Camille Marsden, is taking a nine-week leave of absence to alleviate comp time issues. In the budget workshop, Justice of the Peace Doris Bryson addressed the court and requested a salary increase from $25,984 to $29,700 and a salary increase for her deputy. Judge Young stated that the Commissioners plan to propose a salary increase to $26,500 plus any longevity pay.

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