Knifemaker’s donation nets $30,000 at auction

The talents of custom knifemaker Glenn Marshall of Mason helped raise $30,000 at a fund-raising auction for the Exotic Wildlife Association in Kerrville. At the EWA’s annual banquet and seminar held last month at the YO Ranch and Resort in Kerrville, a single knife donated to the auction by Marshall was sold for $30,000. “I have been involved with this organization since 1968 and have been donating between one and five knives each year,” said Marshall. “I think a collector from San Antonio ended up purchasing the knife. He and another fellow from Louisiana got into a bidding war, and the fellow from San Antonio said that the knife was not going to leave Texas.” The knife this year set a new record for a single auction piece. Other knives created by Marshall in other auctions have sold for as much as $15,000. A custom knifemaker now in his 72nd year of craftsmanship, Marshall believes in helping worthy causes through donations of his handmade pieces of art. He prides himself on creating knives that are of the highest quality that are both useful and attractive. “I usually donate between 10 and 15 knives a year to various causes,” said Marshall. “I donate my work rather than money because it gives the organization something to auction or give away.” His knives have for many years, been the featured prize for the first place runner in the annual Goat Gallop during the Labor Day festivities here in Brady.

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