Rochelle’s ’30 football team was tough

The Depression of the 1930s was tough but not as tough as the Rochelle football team of 1930, 71 years ago. They played their games in Richard Moseley’s pasture. I remember going to some of the school’s games in the middle ’30s. They charged a dime for admission. Their coach was Leon Lane from San Saba. Their sweetheart was Helen Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Smith. Helen was always a sweetheart to me. Knowing these guys, I am sure they were tough as well as good sportsmen. They included Ed Whitehead, Darkey Knight, Elmer Cottle, Skeet Squires, Johnny Boy Smith, Dudley Berquist, Pete Knutson, R.S. Moseley, Son Bratton, Mendell Pool, Bill Moseley, Terrell Burk, Aubrey Shaffer and Raymond Whitehead.

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