Dogs need more work, after first scrimmage

After the Brady Bulldogs’ scrimmage at San Saba Saturday morning, Brady coach Davy DuBose said the squad has a “long way to go.” No scores were reported, but the coach said that the kids knew entering the session that they needed a lot of work before becoming a competitive team. “We saw some good things, but neither the kids nor the coaches are satisfied with the way things are right now,” DuBose said. The Dogs and their coaches have only had two weeks to get to learn a new set of plays and each other. DuBose termed the freshman scrimmage as “very good.” “We saw good things that are encouraging to the coaches,” he said. The junior varsity unit had a “few bright spots on defense.” The Brady head coach elaborated more when he discussed the varsity team. “I felt that running back/defensive back Johnny Menefield had a fine scrimmage, both offensively and defensively. He had some good hits on defense and made some nice runs,” the coach said. Menefield’s backup at tailback, Chris Airheart, also was lauded by the top man. “Our offense is tailback-oriented so those two players will be getting the majority of the carries. They both proved to us that they can handle the position,” DuBose said. He said the tight end position of senior Zach Brown and junior Blake Andrews is also a solid spot. “They both blocked well and Andrews caught a pass,” he said. The coach said the offensive line had a few breakdowns, but he added that that’s to be expected in only two weeks of practices. “They did, however, execute well,” he said. “We just need more practice.” The Brady quarterback position appears to be in the capable hands of junior Clifton Tally. “He did well for his first outing,” the coach commented. “The defensive unit has a ways to go. Our inside linebacker spots need to improve. The position in our system has a different concept than what the kids are used to. It’s just new to them, and it’ll will just take a little time for them to get it down,” DuBose said. The coach said the team will watch the video of the San Saba scrimmage Monday then immediately begin getting prepared for the scrimmage that begins at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Comfort. “I look for Comfort to be stronger than San Saba, who has a fine team. Comfort went 10-1 last year, and if someone wins 10 games in a season, I figure they will be tough,” DuBose said. Comfort is a big Class 2A school that just missed being 3A in last year’s UIL alignment. In summing up his team’s chances for the 2001 football season, DuBose said, “We’re not discouraged with our players. We feel they will improve as the season goes on. They have a good attitude. They just need to understand our system.” The coach said that the team and the coaches are both on the “same page” and will improve with time.

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