The Mane Lion

Brady Lions’ pride was showing last Thursday as 24 of us gathered at Caf’ at the Depot for our weekly noon meeting. Most of the members were wearing their gold and purple Lions Club vests. Those who didn’t were loudly chastised and fined by Tail Twister Wayne Rawlings. Lion Ray Hawkins announced that the foursome representing our club at the Harry Wickersham golf tournament at Fredericksburg the previous weekend placed 4th out of 28 teams. Our stars of the links were Lions Hawkins, Wayne Rawlings, Clay Jones and Billy Paterson. There was some discussion about the group being able to place at least 2nd, if Lion Wayne had remembered how to hit a golf ball. Lion Mike Barbour brought McCulloch County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd to present the program. Jerry talked about the currently newsworthy topics of foot and mouth disease in livestock and karnal bunt disease in wheat. He said that so far, North America is the only continent that has not experienced the animal borne illness. However, some wheat crops in McCulloch and San Saba Counties have been quarantined due to the karnal bunt fungus. Mr. Kidd said that neither of the diseases is known to affect humans directly, but the economic impact of them can be devastating. There is also a political aspect to publicizing these problems, since they may be used as ‘bargaining chips’ or ‘barriers’ in international trade negotiations. The announcement that karnal bunt had been confirmed in our country had an immediate and negative effect on the agricultural futures markets. Watch for the Brady Lions Club’s patriotic banners to go back up on participating businesses soon. We’re getting ready for the World Championship Barbecue Goat Cookoff and Arts & Crafts Fair and Labor Day. The cookoff is one of Brady’s biggest draws for visitors, and we’re helping to roll out the welcome mat. We’ll also be present that Saturday to do face painting and color hair spraying. Our art subjects can be any age from 3 to 93. This is one of our fund raising activities, so please patronize our booth and help us help the community as ‘We Serve!’

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