Scattered storms continue

The scattered thunderstorms that fell over portions of McCulloch County this week were in every sense of the word’scattered. Much like the first shower that moved through McCulloch County on Monday, Brady once again got the bulk of the shower that left many other McCulloch County farming communities ‘high and dry.’ Registering 0.80 inch on Tuesday, Brady’s total for the month of August is 2.53 inches’0.03 inch over the monthly average. However, with only 13.13 inches logged for the entire year, Brady is still 4.37 inches shy of the yearly average. Voca comes in close behind Brady with 0.75 inch while Brady Lake and Melvin leveled out at 0.50 inch from Tuesday’s showers. According to Jay Lawrence, manager of the Brady Lake store, every little bit of rain that falls at the lake is helpful. ‘The fish are biting out here. The rain was a big help. We got word that the other side of the dam got 1.25 inches.’ Hext has received 1.40 inches since Monday with a small shower falling on Thursday morning. Scattered showers were reported over the seven-mile stretch across the Ford Ranch near Melvin. The southeastern part of the ranch near the Calf Creek area gauged 1.00 inch. However, ‘The far northwestern corner of the ranch only got a trace,’ said Ellen Armke. Rochelle and Fife didn’t record any rainfall on Tuesday, but Mercury registered a trace. Doole received 0.20 inch while East Sweden was skipped over with 0.02. The Lohn community gauged 0.40 inch and Pear Valley showed a trace. According to Peggy Hemphill, postmaster at the Lohn Post Office, she heard reports of 1.40 inches of recorded rainfall just three miles east of Lohn. On Thursday morning, Robbie Turk of Calf Creek contacted the Brady Standard-Herald to report 0.75 inch of rainfall from the Tuesday afternoon showers. He added that the Calf Creek area also received early morning showers on Thursday.

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