First taste of outside- competition comes Saturday in San Saba

As the Brady Bulldogs’ football teams prepare for their initial controlled scimmage with an outside opponent, the new coaching staff, headed by coach Davy DuBose, continue to put on plays and teaching skills to accommodate the techniques necessary to carry them out. The teams got a break Wednesday morning with the weather. The temperatures were much lower following the Tuesday afternoon showers that cooled things off. The players even had to knock the mud off their cleats following the practice session. DuBose stressed that his staff was seeing that the squads get numerous water breaks and care especially after the two well publicized deaths in the professional and college football ranks . “It’s something we are very conscious of. We watch the players for heat effected illnesses,” the coach said. In the meantime, teaching his new system to the charges is the major factor in the lengthy morning practices that have replaced the traditional two-a-day practices. “We have just about set our varsity and junior varsity teams,” DuBose said following the Wednesday workout. “We will carry a little less on the varsity team than we normally do. It will be 32 players. I believe we can survive with that number.” The Bulldog teams will be in San Saba Saturday morning with the freshman team beginning the session at 9:30 a.m. The JV and varsity units will follow. “Next week will be a short one. We’ll only have three practices before out final scrimmage in Comfort on Thursday evening, Aug. 23. And two weeks from Friday (today) we’ll open at home against the Coleman Bluecats,” DuBose pointed out. He said the coaching staff had slowed down putting in new plays. “We’ll have to deal with what we’ve installed in this short period of time,” he added. The Bulldog offensive attack in the 2001 season will be a multi-set that features only a small number of basic plays that have a number of variations. “One of our really basic plays that we utilize has four running plays and two passing plays. We used that one basic play throughout the 1991 season and we played 15 games that year, losing in the semifinals,” he said. Defensively, the Bulldogs will be in a “40 defense,” which has four down linemen, two inside linebackers, two outside linebackers and three secondary men. “Stunts by the linebackers are very important to our success in this alignment,” DuBose said. The coach puts great importance on the kicking game, and he figures that senior kicker and all-district performer last season Jody Jones is a “real luxury.” “Jody has been doing a good job for us in practice. He also may have to do the punting for us as well,” DuBose said. The deep snapper will be senior tight end/linebacker Zach Brown. “The kids are showing steady improvement. I’m pleased with the way things are going. I believe we’ll be able to field a team that will be competitive within two weeks,” DuBose said.

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